Frequently asked questions . . .

In line with WEEE directive we aim to process your old equipment for reuse of its original purpose.

Any item which can't be reused will be recycled.

All recycling is carried out to European Union regulations and in line with the Environmental Protection Act.

All hard drive infomation is securely destroyed.

What about security?

All data on hard drives, and other media are erased unsing industry proven techniques. We can physically destroy hard drives which contain sensitive data, and provide on-site destruction on request.

What if my item is heavy or non standard?

If your items are extremely heavy, large, hazardous, or non WEEE related then please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

How do I arrange a collection?

Arranging a collection is straight forward and simple, complete our enquiry form
phone us on 01332 239122,
or email us:

What happens on the day of my collection?

On the day of collection you will have been allocated a mutually convenient collection time to ensure minimal disruption. Specifics such as onsite data destruction and asset logs will be completed if requested, after which you will be provided with the Environment Agency papers detailing the collected item weights. This will need to be signed by an authorised person.

Can we bring our items to you?

Yes - As long as you have provided us with details of your items and when you will be bringing them.

What if I don't know how many items we have?

If it is not possible to detail the items you need to recycle, please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail so that we can establish the logistics of the collection.

What happens to my items?

Once collected your items are processed, by removal of markings and labels and the items are then are reused or recycled.